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Decred is about governance

Stakeholders get to vote on changes to the protocol along with the validity of blocks.

To have your say, you will have to buy a ticket to vote. Buying a ticket means you agree to lock up your Decred for a period of time.

The current price of a ticket is 135.37 DCR.

Voting is rewarded

Your ticket goes into a lottery for a chance to vote. On average it takes 28 days for your ticket to vote, but can be as little as one day or as much as five months.

When you vote, your ticket value is returned with a voting reward. Currently, this is 0.99 DCR or an annual return of 9.11%.

You can track the ongoing agendas at votes for you

With, you don't need to leave your wallet running online 24/7.

We reliably vote on your behalf with multiple redundant servers located around the world.

We charge 1% of your staking returns for this service.